Usui Reiki

What is Reiki?

We know that every material is consisted of "vibration" based on Quantum Physics which was started to be established at the beginning of the 20th centrury in Germany. The univrse, the earth and human beings are, therefore, consisted of "vibration". "Reiki" which Mr. Mikao Usui named is one of those vibrations which are pervaded in the universe. "Rei"(靈) means "life" which is pervaded in the universe, and "Ki"(氣) expresses "energy" in Japanese, and it can be called as e.g. "life energy", "universal energy", "prana", "mana" and "Qi". In English, Reiki is sometimes expressed as "Ray Qi", which might be very precise expression considering the features of Reiki.


Reiki is a vibration which heals diseases and brings "peace" in your mind. In addition, Reiki is the "energy of love and healing" which leads people to health and happiness.

In Reiki healing (mainly hand healing) which was established by Mikao Usui in 1922, it is capable of healing diseases, improving healthy condition, and bringing peace in your mindby being resonant with the energy of love and healing which is pervated into the universe.


History of Reiki


Mikao Usui (1865-1926) got "Reiki" in 1922 in Mt. Kurama in Kyoto after 21 days fasting and meditation. While he climbed down, he realized that he had the ability to heal. He systemized Reiki therapy using symbols and mantras in order that anybody can use Reiki. He grew up 21 disciples, and one of them, Chujiro Hayashi contributed to a chance that Reiki in Japan became Reiki in the world. Hayashi´s disciple, Hawayo Takata who was a Japanese-American living in Hawaii played a role in pervading Reiki into the West (western Reiki) and contributed to its diversification. Reiki did continued to develop in the West. Finally in 1993, German Reiki Teacher, Frank Arjava Petter brought it (as western Reiki) back to Japan. Since then, Reiki has seriously been pervaded in Japan. At present, it is said that approcimately 500,000 Reiki healers exist in the world. In the UK and Canada, Reiki therapy as alternative medicine is covered by health insurance, In addition, in the US, it is possible to study Reiki in universities.


Features and Effects of Reiki


1. You do not have to do ascetic practices and severe training.

By receiving attunements, your Reiki channel opens. Anybody can immediately carry out healing using Reiki soon after you get attuned.


2. You can use Reiki in your whole life.

Even though you do not use Reiki, as long as your Reiki channel opens, your ability to use Reiki does never go down.


3. You can power up.

The more you use Reiki healing, the stronger your Reiki power becomes. In addition, even though you use Reiki so much, you do not get tired. The more you use Reiki, the more powerful you become.


4. You do not have to concentrate and to make an effort.

Whenever you hold your hands to conduct Reiki healing, necessary level of Reiki is automatically flowed. Thus, you do not have to concentrate or make an effort to do Reiki at all. You must rather not concentrate or not make an effort to do it.


5. You are not influenced by negative energy.

Since Reiki is clear energy, it does never deliver nagative enegry.


6. Even though you do not believe Reiki itself, Reiki flows.

Reiki is not related to any religions or thoughts. Moreover, even though you do not believe Reiki itself, Reiki brings outcome, i.e. effectiveness. However, you must not urge anybody Reiki who would not like to accept it.


7. Reiki is effective on objects except for human being.

You can carry out Reiki healing for animals or plants. In addition, it is possible to cleanse energy of minerals and places.


8. You can expect a synergy effect with other energy works.

Reiki brings a synergy effect combining with medicine, other techniques, e.g. Qigong, Seitai (properly ordered body), and energy work.


9. Reiki can be beyond time and space.

Reiki can be effective beyond time and space, i.e. you can carry our Reiki for distant healing and manifesting your wishes if symbols and mantras are used.


10. Cancellation of your karma.

Reiki is helpful to cancel trauma, and karma.


11. Reiki is a milestone for enlightment.

You can do self-actualization if you use Reiki in daily life through meditation and self cleansing to resonate yourself with Reiki.


The most important things to conduct Reiki


What is the most important to conduct Reiki is that you should make an effort to become a "clear pipe" to flow Reiki energy. Reiki does healing as well as cleansing, but not you. Let´s use Reiki in your daily life so that you become more and more clear pipe.


What can Reiki do?


The following examples are only a part of what we can do using Reiki. Indeed, Reiki is energy work which can be used for various and many aims in your daily life.


1. Self healing and healing for others1.

2. Distant healing

3. Cancellation of trauma and karmas, and mental influence

4. Healing fort he earth and the universe

5. Healing for the environment (e.g. nature, forest)

6. Cleansing for buildings and rooms

7. Making healing water

8. Healing for plants and animals

9. Beauty effect

10. Manifesting your wishes