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In Munich(Germany)/Kamakura(Japan) where is surrounded by beautiful green nature, I am mainly teaching "Usui Reiki", "Tensor" as well as carrying out sessions using the above methods in order that "awareness" is brought to each of us in her/his life and each of us can live in better and deserved life in coming era. Private sessions and seminars are held both in Japanese and English. Moreover, I irregularly organise spiritual events etc. Please check "Culture Bunko".



* "Usui Reiki" is Japanese originated healing method which utilizes "Reiki", one of vibrations that pervades in the universe in order that our healthy condition is maintained or our health is improved, and we can reach peaceful mind.



* Culture Bunko is for spiritual events which are organised irregularly.


Every method mentioned above can be leaned by anybody. They require no specific ability/talent, since each of us has already had the ability to utilize these energy works.


It is my strongest wish that each of us actively uses these energy works in daily life and enjoys our own lives as much as possible in the most natural way, so that we can improve health, maintain healthy condition, reach peaceful mind, improve our lives, know ourselves, and be aware of our own roles in our lives.


"Reiki Orientaiotn" and "Tensor Orientation" take placeupon request by those who are interested in Reiki/Tensor. Don´t hesitate to attend these seminars.


Would you also like to open a new door for your journey?

You are always welcome!