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What is ThetaHealing ®?


ThetaHealing method is established and systematized by Ms. Vianna Stibal in 1995 in the US. By theta brain wave which is reached by a guided meditation, an intuitive ability which anybody has is awaken. Once an intuitive ability is awaken in theta brain wave, one connects and works with “Creator of All That is"(or „Source“, „Universal Intelligence“, „Unconditional Love“ etc). ThetaHealing can physically, mentally, and spilitually bring an instantaneous healing. Intriguingly, ThetaHealing is capable of re-writing belief systems and downloading feelings which one has not been able to feel in his/her life by Creator of All That is.

Our belief systems/patterns in subconsciousness are projected into physical aspects, mental aspects, and social aspects. Namely, our subconsciousnesses build our lives. Reality is steadily changing, if negative and unnecessary beliefs which give you restriction or limitation, or cause problems in yourself, which you can hardly notice, are found and cancelled and replaced with more positive and supportive programs.

Since this technique can also increase the ability of manifesting your wishes, its applicable range is infinite.


About Vianna Stibal and the beginning of ThetaHealing®


In 1995, A naturotherapist, massage therapist and psychic leader, Vianna Stibal found that her reading technique had an ability to bring an instant healing. At that time, Vianna Stibal who was three kids´mother, suffered from cancer and her right femur was rapidly destroyed. She tried to cure it using general modern medicine, alternative medicine and other various therapies, however, no therapy could cure her cancer. At that time, she found that a simple technique which she used whenever she conducted reading was also effective on healing. Her right femur was instantly healed and cured. After some experiments, it was found that whenever instantant healing took place, brain wave reached theta brain wave. Moreover, it was also found that this technique, one can connect with the energy of Creator of All That is and instantly change belief systems related to disease and feelings and anybody could use this technique once one learned.


Belief Systems in ThetaHealing®


ThetaHealing is well known as works for belief systems/patterns and feeling downloads. They function in four levels-core beliefs, genetic beliefs, history level and soul level.

Core Belief: beliefs patterns which have been imprinted since fetal state to present

Genetic beliefs: beliefs patterns which have been inherited form ancestors

History Level: beliefs which are brought from past lives and still effective in present life

Soul Level: in more than two levels, above, the imprint has been reached soul level.


In works related to beliefs systems and feeling-downloads, negative feeling as well as beliefs are removed and replaced with the supportive and better/positive systems.


What can I do using ThetaHealing®?


You can do the followings by using ThetaHealing for yourself as well as others (as long as you can get permission):


1. Change of beliefs systems and their replacements.

2. Downloads of true feelings

3. Healing

4. Healing for fetal state-ThetaHealing heals both mother and child since fertilization to present or to birth.

5. Reading (past lives etc)

6. Communication with high consciousnesses (Higher Self, Guardian Angel etc)

7. Return waywards  to the light of Creator of All That is

8. How to deal with psychic attack

9. Cancellation of unnecessary energy connection

10. Return or regain soul fragments- In past lives or present life, your soul fragments which were left in others are cleansed and regain, and others´soul fragments in yourself are cleansed and return these soul fragments to others. By this healing, you can exist as entire self.

11. Re-creation of soul- damaged soul is recreated and refreshed.

12. Healing for materials (cleansing of house and place etc)

13. Manifesting wishes

14. Repairment and activation of DNA and activation of DNA for youth.

15. Attraction of soul mates


How can ThetaHeling® be done?


In case of one vs one, even though it is face to face session or distant session (Skype without video or telephone), like normal counseling session, a ThetaHealing practitioner and client talk and sometimes comfortably close eyes whenever a practitioner meditate for a few seconds to a few minutes.


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How can I learn ThetaHealing®?


Green Relaxation&Awareness holds regularly "Basic DNA Seminar" "Advanced DNA Seminar" and "Manifesting and Abundance Seminar" for those who would like to learn ThetaHealing techniques. In order that each surely learn ThetaHealing technique, Green Relaxation&Awareness takes small group system (max. 8 persons). With regard to a schedule, please check "calendar".

Even though the schedule does not fit you, please do not hesitate to let me know your convenient dates so that I can arrange for you as much as possible. In addition, if it is difficult for you to come to Munich, if participants are more than 3, I consider to hold seminars in your town. Please feel free to ask me. →Schedule and Contact


After you learn ThetaHealing®

Green Relaxation&Awareness regularly holds „ThetaHealing practice day". If you complete Basic DNA seminar, you can participate it! From whom you learned ThetaHeaing does not matter. Let´s learn various uses of ThetaHealing technique and share and practice them so that you can use ThetaHealing in your daily life.→Schedule


Reference books


1. ThetaHealing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality by Vianna Stibal (Hay House Publishing)

2. Advanced ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal (My Life