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-Upcoming Seminar&Workshop 

 * Detailed address where WS/Seminar takes place will be informed only to those who registered.


* I stop offering services of Lightarian series, i.e. Lightarian Reiki, Lightarian Rays as well as Lightarian Purification Rings. (2017. 2. 26)


* I teach ThetaHealing Basic/Advanced/Game of Life/Manifesting&Abundance. Each seminar lasts sequential 3 days or 2 days. If you would like to learn ThetaHealing, please contact me. I will set up seminar schedule for you as much as possible.


*I always reply your emails. In case that you have not received a reply, please check your spam mail box. I ask you to set up your email  in order to surely receive a reply from green.ra.info@googlemail.com.


*Weekday &Weekend (Sat&Sun) Session: 10-21 o´clock (in Germany).

Both Distant healing session and Face to Face session are applied.


*Weekday (Tue-Fri) &Weekend Seminar (Sat&Sun) : Please let me know your convenient date&time!

Seminar:ThetaHealing seminar, Usui Reiki seminar

I would be happy to offer the convenient schedule for you. Don´t hesitate to ask me!



If you are interested in the above, please contact me via E-Mail or via contact form.