1. Session offered by Green Relaxation&Awarenessis not medical procedure. If you take medications and/or go to a medical doctor now, please register a session based on your own decision and responsibility.


2. Those who are now under the treatment by psychiatric or psychosomatic internal medicine or pregnant cannot take sessions/seminars.


3. Please understand that Green Relaxation&Awareness have no responsibility as well as is not related to direct or indirect troubles and claims caused in a session/seminar etc which Green Relaxation&Awareness provides.


4. Please inform me in advance in case you have been to psychiatrist or psychosomatic medical doctor or you have stayed in the hospital in the above sections, in case you have not had a good health/mental condition or in case you have taken medicines even though you do not go to psychiatrist or psychosomatic medical doctor any more. In these case, please understand that your case might not be accepted.


5. Green Relaxation&Awareness does not belong to any religion or its related association.


6. In case you are under 20 years old, you need an approval by your parents to attend a session/seminar.


7. Since each person can have her/his own way of feeling of healing as well as healing effect, healing energy worl cannot warrant healing effect. Thus, it is inadmissible to request redunf because you did not feel any healing enegry effect.


8. Your personal information, session´s content, and content of your issue are ultimately confidential so that nobody outside can know and use them.


9. Concerning Lightarian Reiki™,  Lightarian Rays™,  Lightarian Purification Rings™. ThetaHealing seminars, and distant healing session, seminars/session start after the confirmation of completion of your payment. You can pay via Paypal or bank tranfer. Please understad that you have to pay the tranfer fees (e.g. Paypar transfer fees:+5.6%). Concerning other seminars, face to face session, Orientation and Practice Day, you can pay either on the date or in advance. It would be helpful if you could pay  the exact fees so that no change is arised.


10. For distant session/healing, Skype without video or telephone can be used. If you prefer telephone, please understand that you have to owe the fee for calling.


11. Cancellation is arised in case that your payment cannot confirmed within 7 days or 3 days before session/seminar (if your reservation is within 3 days, until when to be completed). However, face to face session is not applied. Cancellation% after the payment is as follows. The which the tranfer fees is reducted will be reimbursed.


upto 8 days before8%

upto 7-5 days before25%

upto 4-3 days before50%

one day before70%

on the date100%


12.  Please note that if you take Lightarian RaysTeacher´s Program, "Lightarian Purification Rings™ Program", or Lightarian Reiki, you cannot cancel them and cannot be reimbursed after sending you manuals via post.

13. If seminars, sessions or workshops are cancelled by Green Relaxation&Awareness, fees for these are surely reimbursed. However, it should be noted that no cost for hotel, traffic expenses etc is reimbursed.


14. An unemployed person and student can take some, but not all sessions and seminars with some reduction. In case you are applied, you might be required to show student ID etc.


15.  When you book, it is understood that you have already read and understood each item in „Disclaimer“.