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◎My favorite Websites

(Intruduction of outstanding and wonderful Healers)

Yoriko´s website (Sendai, Japan)

She is Theta instructor, Reiki teacher and fortune teller.

She is anyway mine of knowledge about healing modalities and I always learn from you whenever we have sessions. Her reading ability is outstanding and very precise.Sorry, but only in Japanese available.

Tarot+Healing linx:


Tom´s website (U.S.)

He is Gendai Reiki, Lightarian facilitotor, and also pwer stone healer.

Actually, he has worked as a healer for a few decades, and is full of compassion.

Lotusheart Healing:


Hemi-Sync (Method to experiecne various consciousness levels using sound effec so called „Hemi-Sync“ (Hemispheric Synchronization

The Monroe Institute® (U.S.A.):



Bioresonance was researched by Paul Schmidt (founder) in 1976 in Germany.

Rayonex offers goods to harmonise bioresonance for environment and body.


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Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross, M.D. (1926-2004):

She was Swiss-born psychiatrist, a pioneer in near death studies and the author of the outstanding bookOn Death Dying (1969), where she first discussed what it nowknown as the Kuebler-Ross model. She also explored near death experience and produced “Going home“ (Hemi-Sync) with Robert Monroe (The Monroe Institute).



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