About me

Ayako Yamamoto, Ph.D.

 in molecular cell biology

(Tokyo University)



*Psycological Counselor (certified by Japan Promotion Counselor Association)

*Cognitive Behavioral Counselor (certified by Japan Promotion Counselor Association)

* ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced DNA, Manifesting & Abundance Instructor

* Usui Reiki Master/Teacher


(In childhood)

I was totally normal in my childhood with regard to psychic ability. Of course, I have it as everybody has! However, in my teenager, I had often „heard“ of voice from unseen being. (I am „Calairaudience“.) I hear of something from unseen beings still now sometimes, but I believe that it is decent.


(In adolescence and youth)

When I was a schoolkid, my mother used to tell me the story about “Heaven and Hell“ by Emanual Swedenborg, which is said to be „classic spilitualism“, as well as about „complete works“ by George Adamski, who contacted extraterrestrial intelligences. Therefore, I got to know ununderstandable facts which science could not prove since then.


Since junior high school student, my dream was to become a medical doctor. As my grandmother was diabete, I would like to have cured her from it. In addition, I was fascinated by Chinese medicine somehow rather than modern medicine, maybe because I believed that tailor-made medicine was the very therapy for each patient.


However, I chose the way to become „researcher“ to elucidate the mechanism of diseases using molecular biological/biochemical/cell biological techniques, in order to contribute to development of therapy.


(In adulthood)

After I earned Ph.D. on molecular cell biology (Theme: molecular mechanism of Alzheimer´s disease) at Tokyo University, I started to work at Max-Planck Institute and University in Germany on the molecular mechanism of Alzheimer´s disease, Parkinson disease and also on gene therapy for cystic fibrosis. As my dream was originally to become a medical doctor, I strongly hoped that I could contribute to medicine and society by the basic research of diseases. However, it was hard for me to realize that the very basic research which I have conducted contributed to the development of the therapy for such diseases, since I targeted too much deeply „molecule“ and my research had almost no concrete connection to  identify that it really plays a role in sch diseases and it really has effects on therapy. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my research life a lot. 


German life brought me a treasure, i.e. a fantastic change. I was so bad at how to use time. I was taught by German society how to use time in a smart way. Therefore I have been able to have sufficient time to read tons of books related to spilitualism, which I would like to have done since many years. I have been able to obtain deeper knowledges and understandings of spilitualism, alternative medicine and vibrational medicine etc. For example, I have read „Silver birch speaks“, „New revelation“ and „The vital message“ by Conan Doyle, „On death and dying“, „The wheel of life“ , other series by Elisabeth Küber-Ross who was Swiss psychiatrist, „Healing intelligence“ by Harry Edwards, „Journeys out of the bodies“ by Robert Monroe, homeopathy, vibrational medicine e.g. by Richard Gaber...pretty sure that I have read over 300 books.


As I  read more and more, I was interested in the fact that cure is occurred if therapy focuses on etheric body or other energetic bodies which we all have. We have several energetic bodies whose frequencies are different each other. If such an energetic body loses balance, it can appear as our visible phenomenon, i.e. disease.


Science is to elucidate ununderstandable phenomena at present stage. However, it is fact that if the phenomenon is totally beyond the level of current science, it is impossible to bridge between „gaps“. If so, many cases might be just concluded that such phenomena should be forgotten, wrong, or should be treated as just „nothing“. I believe that such attitudes are against science which should be.


Even though current science cannot explain or elucidate some phonomena, if such phonomena can contribute to e.g. therapy, I thought that it was worth trying.

I visited Harry Edwards healing sanctuary  in teh UK in 2004 when I had a small but problem in my body, and I felt that unseen spirits cured my problem through a healer. It was so impressive experience. Moreover, in order to realize that I am beyond physical body, I started Hemi-Sync established by Monroe Institute in the US. Hemi-Sync is the sound technique to induce some levels of brain waves leading to various consciousness levels by syncronizing right/left hemispheric. Indeed, I could realize that we are consisted of unseen energetic bodies. In order to have much deeper experiences and trainings, I learned Usui Reiki which is original Japanese healing modality and it is said that Reiki practitioners are 5 milion in the world. I also learned other developped Reiki, Lightarian ReikiTM and Lightarian RaysTM. These made me more sensitive to energetic bodies as well as unseen beings e.g. guardians/gurdian engels etc. In addition, Reiki energy brought me more syncronicity. Or I have noticed more and more syncronicities in my life which I used not to notice so easily. Further, I learned ThetaHealing® which is established by Vianna Stibal in the US. Using all the above, I have realized not only that our bodies are consisted of several energetic bodies, but also that I am balanced both in body and mind through supports by higher consciousness, gurdians etc and by releasing "trash" in subconsciousness. The most important is that I have noticed who I am gradually and felt that I have been led to better life.


Sure, I have still fear or anxiety in my life, however, to be surprised, such negative feelings have been reduced. In addition, my mind has been still and uncomfortable emotional waves have been reduced. Intriguingly, my ideas (at least I believed that they were my ideas), turned out to be messages from e.g. gurdians or much higher level of beings. Namely, I have been sure that I receive the messages from them.


Modalities which I use can be used by anybody regardless of psychic ability or talent.


I love to share such modalities with everyone who is interested in and wish that more and more start to open a new door to explore yourself for your better and joyful life.