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Seminar Fee
Basic DNA Seminar

400 Euro (unemployed person•student 380 Euro)

2nd time→200 Euro (unemployed person•student 190 Euro)

3rd time→50 Euro

Advanced DNA Seminar

400 Euro (unemployed person•student 380 Euro)

2nd time→200 Euro (unemployed person•student 190 Euro)

3rd time→50 Euro
Game of Life

500 Euro (unemployed person•student 475 Euro)

2nd time→250 Euro (unemployed person•student 237,50 Euro)

3rd time→50 Euro
Manifesting&Abundance Seminar

300 Euro (unemployed person•student 285 Euro)

2nd time→150 Euro (unemployed person•student 142,50 Euro)

3rd time→50 Euro

ThetaHealing® Practice Day
ThetaHealing® Orientation   

30 Euro

15 Euro (not fixed)


Usui Reiki

Seminar Fee
First Degree 150 Euro (unemployed person•student 135 Euro)
Second Degree 200 Euro (unemployed person•student 180 Euro)
Third Degree 250 Euro (unemployed person•student 225 Euro)
1st-3rd Entire program 540 Euro (10% discount!) (unemployed person•student 486 Euro)
Teacher´s Degree 960 Euro
Reiki Orientation 15 Euro (incl. Manual)
Reiki Practice Day 10 Euro


Total Session (mainly including ThetaHealing®)


(face to face/distant)

88 Euro/hour (unemployed person•student 80 Euro)

22 Euro/every 15 min after one hour (unemployed person•student 20 Euro)


If you have already taken sessions with me, the price is 80 Euro/hour (unemployed person•student 72 Euro/hour) after 4th session.


My session contains mainly ThetaHealing® but upon necessity, I use other tools including aroma essential oils and Tensor (Dawsing) etc.


Reiki Healing Session


(face to face)

88 Euro/hour (unemployed person•student 80 Euro)

44 Euro/every 30 min after one hour (unemployed person•student 40 Euro)


(distant healing)

40 Euro/time (unemployed person•student 36 Euro)

252 Euro/seqential 7 times (unemployed person•student 216 Euro)




*Concerning  ThetaHealing seminars and distant healing session, seminars/sessions start after your payment has been completed. You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer. Please understand that you have to pay the transfer fees (e.g. Paypar transfer fees:+5.6%). Concerning other seminars, face to face sessions, Orientation and Practice day, you can pay either on the date or in advance. It would be helpful if you could pay without any change.


*Cancellation is arised in case that your payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days or 3 days before session/seminar (if your reservation is within 3 days, until when to be completed). However, face to face session is not applied.  Cancellation % after the payment is as follows. The fee which the transfer fees is reduced will be reimbursed. 


upto 8 days before→0%

upto 7-5 days before→25%

upto 4-3 days before→50%

one day before→70%

on the date→100%