Mandala Pastel Art

Mandala Pastelt Art was established by Ms. Kayo Haniya in Kobe, Japan.

Mandala is a Sanscrit word. In Buddhism, especially esoteric Buddhism and Hindu religious traditions, their sacred often takes a Mandala form. Mandala symbolizes sacred area, a state of perfect enlightenment, and world view using symbols, characters, and Buddhist images and so on.


In Sanscrit, „Manda“ means „essence“ and „la“ means „obtain“.

Although Mandala is recognized as „art“ especially in Asian countries, according Carl Gustav Jung (phychologist/psychiatrist), Mandala is not mere art but expresses cosmic view by human in general.


Mandala, as broader meaning, also includes geometric patterns seen e.g. in stained glasses in chaches in Europe.


Mandala Pastel Art Workshop does not aim at drawing beautiful art.

Even though you have not drawn any pastel art yet, you can easily draw it. The technique is very simple. However, it brings you high healing effect.

The pastel art which you draw heals yourself

Please feel it by yourself.


I am probably the first person who brought Mandala Pastel Art from Japan, and am willing to share this wonderful art work as much as possible here in Germany, Europe.I am offering two different courses, i.e. 2 hours course and 5 hours course.

(It is possible to hold Mandala Pastel Art Workshop upon request.)




• How to draw a Mandala (1 piece)

• Simple meditation work etc

• Mandala art (1 piece) (★For 5 hours course, 2 pieces)

• Color advice from Numerology (★Only for 5 hours course)

• Sharing about Mandala Art


(Effects of Mandala Art)

  • Drawing Mandala itself is meditation. It leads to new awareness through dialogue to yourself.
  • Drawing Pastel Art using your own fingers brings you healing effect.
  • Drawing Mandala Art by yourself has self-healing effect.
  • New awareness acquired during Mandala Pastel Art Work is input in your consciousness and lead to your life in a more comfortable and eaiser way.
  • You can forget very busy daily life and become a spiritual state of nothingness and innocence.
  • You can objectively find your state by drawing Mandala Pastel Art.

※Please understand that how you feel does not have any solid way. It depends on individual.


The Mandala Pastel Art Workshop can be held upon request!

3 hours course (30 Euro)

5 hours couse (60 Euro)