Light Body Activation


Are you ready for your growth and expansion in order to pay forward in the process of your evolution and assist others?



Almost all individuals have their DNAs activated for the newer Earth frequencies to engage with and integrate.


The light body activation class is for the preparation of light workers and people who are preparing for the ascension of the planet in 2012 and beyond.


Humanity is in the frequencies of a mass awakening of consciousness at this time. Mother Earth is increasing her vibration and so are we. The class is designed to make the shifts that we are going through easier to realign the physical, emotional, mental, and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies we are going through; as we go through all of these shifts. After your class you will be able to activate others. This class will activate your light body to the frequencies if the higher dimensions and frequencies.


You will learn how to truly open the eighth chakra which allows you to engage in cinscious communication with your 12th and 13th chakra, and utilize the body´s cellular awareness. The process activates and allows for the flow of the quantum Christ energies and oneness, unity, and unconditional love. You will be bale to do this.


This tequnique is originated from Hawaii. Not only Light Workers but also people who cannot follow increasing vibration and are easy to be tired.

If you take session/seminar, you will feel that you are full of vitality.


Prerequisite: ThetaHealing Advanced DNA

Fee: 280 Euro


*You can take also session. Fee is 150 Euro including power stones fee (50 Euro). If you purchase power stones and bring from next session, we use these stones and fee for session is 100 Euro.